FuzeBox Chalks Up Key TeleHealth Customer Wins, With FuzeBox CEO Jeff Cavins Appointed to the Board of Leading Stem Cell Research Firm, ChemRegen

SAN FRANCISCO – September 26, 2012–– FuzeBox, the global leader in real-time visual collaboration solutions, today announced a number of milestones, including new customer wins with TeleHealth organizations such as VMC in Corvallis, OR, Radboud UMC in the Netherlands, Veterans Administration Hospitals in Washington D.C., and Sisters of Mercy in St. Louis, MO. In addition, FuzeBox is also announcing the appointment of CEO Jeff Cavins to the board of directors at ChemRegen, Inc., a leading global stem cell research institute based in San Diego, California.

Providing best-in-class, high definition collaboration solutions in tandem with state of the art security features, FuzeBox is quickly becoming the leading choice for healthcare, biotech and pharmaceutical organizations. These companies are looking to improve the effectiveness of visual collaboration among professionals in the medical industry by enhanced research, faster diagnosis of diseases, improved collaboration in medical science and added speed to market for pharma-based therapies.

FuzeBox’s retina supported collaboration and HD video conferencing solutions introduce a new digital version of house calls and doctor-patient communication for the global health industry. The company has succeeded in speeding up the delivery of healthcare knowledge and research, while providing transparency in clinical trials. General practice doctors can now easily collaborate with hard-to-access specialists; securely sharing medical records, images, scans and documents, while retaining the highest level of doctor/patient confidentiality.

“Healthcare used to be all about patient-doctor engagement and collaboration, unfortunately this ended long ago with the demise of house calls. Today, technology like FuzeBox is making this possible once again,” said Lucien Engelen, Director of Radboud Reshape & Innovation Center part of Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, Netherlands and faculty member at the FutureMed Singularity University in Silicon Valley. “We’re delighted to work with FuzeBox as part of our FaceTalk collaboration suite to allow health teams in Europe to be more transparent with the data they share with patients, and in turn create a more holistic approach to healthcare. Patients in our facilities can now communicate with their healthcare professional without any additional hardware, and without traveling, for four minutes consultation. We’re proud to work with FuzeBox as a partner for this kind of patient communication.”

FuzeBox maintains the highest levels of security, in line with government regulatory bodies around the world, adhering to FIPS 140-2, AES 256 Cipher, and TLS Session Encryption standards. In addition, meeting content is stored in the cloud – so a local copy can never be shared without patient consent. Healthcare imagery and document types such as X-Ray, Nuclear MRI, CT Scans, as well as patient history files, can also be imported into meetings. In addition, FuzeBox’s newly released Ignite 2.0 APIscan be leveraged by FuzeBox partners to allow one-touch access for patients to video and audio conference sessions with clinicians.

 “A major trend in scientific research, especially in the fields of biomedicine and clinical trials, is the goal to minimize the effects of human error. Online collaborative platforms like those provided by FuzeBox are central to these efforts and can greatly increase the speed of research and, in the process, discovery in the field,” says Dr. John E. Cashman, CEO of ChemRegen. “We’re grateful to have Jeff joining our Board of Directors, to help us better understand the future potential of telemedicine as it relates to stem cell therapy research.”

“FuzeBox continues to maintain strong momentum across industries and within the healthcare space specifically, as we seek to reduce the burden of inefficient communication between healthcare professionals and patients,” says Jeff Cavins, CEO of FuzeBox. “The future of healthcare is largely digital; by moving toward online visual collaboration solutions such as those provided by FuzeBox, the latency, costs and inherent inefficiencies that are common in medical sciences, research and healthcare industries, can be significantly reduced. As a result, we believe that ultimately patient outcomes are materially and positively enhanced.”

FuzeBox technology is designed to give users total freedom from locations, varying networks, and low-resolution screen sharing solutions. FuzeBox services are cloud-based and make your online meeting and web conferencing experience simple and intuitive – yet it is powerful enough to connect enterprise users across any device with a full suite of collaboration tools. The company’s platform powers over 78,000 online meetings per day and generates over 7M minutes in audio conferences per month, in 122 countries and 10 different languages.

To learn more about FuzeBox, visit:www.FuzeBox.comor check out a demo at: www.FuzeBox.com/DailyDemo.


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